You can find this page as home.md in your Dropbox

Files and editor Sitebox.io lets you create sites like a pro using plain text files. You can open the files we put in the Apps folder of your Dropbox with TextEdit or Notepad. Writing this way is flexible, precise and distraction free! Many other great editors are available like Sublime Text.

Getting started

To get started with your site, open up your Dropbox and find the Apps folder. Open up the Sitebox.io folder and your site folder within it. Your site is in a seperate folder because Sitebox.io lets you create multiple sites!

Editing files

Open up any file in your text editor to change the page content. After you save the file, refresh your preview site to see the results. At the top of each file you can find some metadata like the title, subtitle and image url.

Site structure

You can rename, create and delete files to set up the pages in your site. One file that should always be there is home.md, this is the frontpage of your website. Your site footer can be found in _footer.md. It’s also possible to create a folder with files in it to create a submenu.

More than just text

You will need some special codes and characters to create things like images, headings and tables. Don’t worry! This is easy to learn and we have provided some great examples in your new website. Please visit our knowledge base to learn more or if you run into any trouble.